Is the Dollar Strength Making Alcohol Cheaper for wholesale buyers?

The growth of consumption of alcohol

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Last year the US Dollar reached a 14 year high. As a result, the imported alcohol became cheaper for the importers and thus, imported wines, beer and spirits were widely available in stores. Figures show the imports of alcohol last year reached $17 billion, thus rising by 6% making it one of the biggest increases in last two decades. Also, this trend will also impose a positive influence on the wholesale online store in Australia.

The influence on international and domestic business

domestic retailers and small business

The consumption of foreign liquor has increased drastically since last year in spite of the US currency gaining strength last month. It is good news for wholesale buyers, but definitely, this has taken a toll on the domestic alcohol producers.Besides, domestic retailers and small business also have been influenced greatly. Kentucky whiskies and Californian wines which are all domestically produced are facing stiff foreign competition. Reports suggest that the retail sales only saw an increase of 2% last year. The exports like the domestic demand have fallen, thus affecting the local producers more. Additionally, the producers should take advantage of the Dollar Strength to export more goods to gain more benefits.

How retailers response to it

export more goods to gain more benefits

The importers are taking advantage of the situation and are expanding stocks. Wines from Spain are available at 40-50% lesser prices, and this has increased their profits. The earnings have increased for the importers and retailers also because the advantage of reduced prices has not been passed on to consumers. As per the research statistics available, the prices of alcohol increased last year. The reason given by the retailers is that they are not comfortable reducing the price as the dollar might not be so high in a few months or this situation might change, and then increasing the price for them will be a Herculean task and will not be easily accepted by the consumers. They are saving the profits and are also using it to increase stocks of the more expensive and higher quality variants. In spite of the prices being same or greater, the consumption of imported alcohol has increased, and the reason behind is the availability. There is a better variety available in stores, and also the supply is higher as well, giving a wider choice to the consumers.

Bad news due to the new policy

The situation though has benefitted everyone involved, but this might not be the case for long. The reason behind this is that the Donald Trump government might levy an import tax of 20% on countries like Mexico besides the others. The strategy of this administration is “America first” and “buy American”, and if they increase the import tax, the prices of imports of wholesale alcoholic beverages will increase which will bring back the higher process and less selection at the retail shops. Till the policy does not come into effect the importers for sure can take advantage of the situation and also the consumers are happier with the availability of better alcohol. A lot of other products, like cheese and coffee coming from other countries, have also witnessed increased demand from the US economy. This trend is very different from what the US economy had seen the last 10-15 years when the dollar was weak, and the domestic products were preferred and were cheaper than their imported counterparts.

A Certification in Project Management can jump start or boost your career

short project management coursesWhat is Project Management? Why is it such a sought-after certification, with both experienced project managers as well as young, enthusiastic individuals looking to do a short project management course to add value to their resume? To understand the function of project management in a corporate setting, we need to analyse what a ‘project’ is first. A project, in simple terms, comprises a set of activities aimed to accomplish a singular goal, within a set time frame. In this sense, every project is a unique entity, requiring specialised skills and a varied approach to ensure successful completion.
Now that we’ve laid down a basic definition for a project let us try to break down project management and what it entails. In this global corporate environment where people from different countries work as a team virtually to complete a project, the need for an experienced and competent project manager to oversee the project to its completion is now more essential than ever before. It is no surprise then that Project Management courses are one of the most popular certification courses for people looking to widen their skill set and make themselves more employable.
Whether you’re a technical person with coding skills or a manager seeking to diversify your skill set, project management courses can provide you with a set of expertise and in-depth knowledge of project management. Doing a project management course will better your chances of jumpstarting your career, moving up the corporate ladder at a much faster speed than your peers.
So how exactly does Project Management course help boost your career?

Helps You Deliver Results

Deliver Results
When you get to the crux of the matter, project management is all about getting things done in an efficient manner. A person with good working knowledge of project management will be implementing with the necessary skills needed to see a project through from start to finish. Project management delivers results. And results are noticed by the top management. When you produce consistent results and prove to be a valuable asset to the business, your boss is going to see, and your career is going to go up the trajectory.

Helps You Become a Team Builder

Team BUilding
Building a team that works like a well-oiled engine takes more than just basic managing skills. To make a team that is focused and works cohesively, you need to have impeccable communication skills along with your managerial abilities. Project management delves into this aspect of the Directorate, shaping you to be a project manager that can bring people from different departments together to work on a project and keep them together with continuous and efficient communication. Communication is the most important tool when it comes to team building and project management teaches you how to excel in that area.

Helps You Keep Up with The Volatile Nature of a Project

Projects are often unpredictable entities peppered with issues and unexpected hurdles on the way to their completion. Only a highly-skilled and efficient project manager will have the required tools and strategies at his disposal to push past those obstacles and take the project to the finish. A project manager remains calm and composed even in the face of adversity. He/she has all the necessary information about the project and is good at thinking on their feet, coming up with solutions for the few hiccups that come up on the path. To put it bluntly, a project manager is the Captain of the ship. No matter what the calamity, the Captain knows what to do and how to do it.

Helps You Map Out a Detailed Plan for A Project

When you have a certification in project management, you will be an expert in analysing a project on the onset. From determining what resources, you will need, to coming up with a budget and a reasonable timeline, you will be the one to determine all the factors of a project’s schedule and execution by applying your project management skills. You will act as the bridge between the top management and the employees, communicating about the project and its demands to both parties and arriving at a mutually agreed set of requirements to ensure the successful completion of the project.
In general, apart from the aspects as mentioned above, project management courses cover the following areas:

Risk Management:

Identifying risks and managing them effectively to minimise damage.

Cost Management:

Working to ensure that the project does not exceed the detailed budget.

Team Management:

Putting together a group of highly-skilled employees to form a team that has all that it needs to see the project through to its completion.

Human Resource Management:

Human Resource Mnagement
Training the team and discussing weekly performance to keep up the spirit of the team and ensure that everyone involved is motivated and giving it their best.
Doing a project management course can take your career in a different path, giving you a head start and ensuring that your skillset and abilities remain updated and relevant in an ever-changing corporate setup. From an employer’s point of view, a person with project management know-how is a much-needed asset to the business.
Whether you are doing the course to boost your confidence simply or to ensure that your career grows at a faster pace, a project management certification is value addition and will come in handy in all aspects of your job. Even when you are not consciously applying what you learnt, you will soon realise that your whole approach to your work has changed, thanks to your understanding of project management. Project managers work smart, know how to use resources for the best results optimally, and are not afraid to take calculated risks to achieve their target. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then a project management course is something you should consider doing.
Project management is here to stay and has become an integral part of most businesses. So if you are looking for ways to widen your skill set and make your resume more attractive to potential employers, then doing a project management course is the way to go.

How an SEO Company Helps You to Generate more Leads and in Return more Sales. Learn From The Web Guru:

Every business, no matter it is online or offline, is operating to attract clients and make a profit. Nevertheless, the best way to attract customers or make a profit from an online business is learning through the web guru. Search engine optimisation (SEO) remains an Internet marketing strategy that can help you capture the attention of prospective visitors and maintain already veteran customers. The SEO services  come with a plethora of advantages. In this content, you will have the opportunity discover great services of search engine optimisation companies.

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Standing Out Of The Crowd/Unique:

One of the great benefits of hiring an SEO company is to help your online business stand out of the crowd. These firms or experts have the professional tools to help your online business remain unique and apply the customised SEO strategies to make your online business win over the rivals.


Increasing ranking is the primary objective of applying the search engine optimisation technique. If your online business or product does not get a good rank on Google first page or social media platforms, there is a possibility for you to go out of service. With the help of right SEO strategies, your online business will get a higher rank on Google SERPs and other marketplaces.

Return On Investment:

Remember that one of the important reasons to create an online business is to increase your ROI. Any business without a profit will fade into thin air. Nevertheless, hiring an SEO company or expert will bring profits growth to your business. These experts only make use of cutting-edge techniques and tools to help your online business grow. If you are looking for increasing the ROI of your business, just give an online marketing company a call today.


The blood of any online business is traffic. If you have created an online business or product without traffic, then be ready to go out of service finally. With targeted and converting traffic, your online business will flourish again. SEO services are the right tools to help you drive target traffic to your business. They will work on pushing the right resources to potential visitors and turn them into your customers.

Pay-per-click (PPC):

Other than using SEO strategies to improve your ranking in SERPs, PPC is another practical method that the web guru will teach you on how to boost the visibility of your Internet business. With PPC, you will only have to pay when an interested visitor clicks. If you only have a limited budget, PPC would be a good choice.

It is important to know that SEO services have the ability to optimise your online business by improving its ranking in SERPs and boost the visibility of your online business. Your brand will be highly visible to target audience. You can contact an SEO company today to help you improve your Internet business and get higher profits.